Friday, 29 November 2013

Things that make your heart melt

What are the things which make you feel really happy (heavenly, deliriously, blissfully happy)?

I love coming home from work and getting that first kiss from my husband to welcome me. I love waking up late on a Sunday morning and realising that all the work and house chores for the week are done and I have the whole day in front of me to do what I like rather than what I need to. I like the smell of something scrumptious baking in the oven on a cold winter day.

I like the monotonous sound of rain on a steel roof while I stay in bed all day in my pyjamas reading a book.

I love totally unconditional hugs from my 3 year old friend Livi when she comes to visit me at work just because “Inna will miss me if I don’t say Hello to her”. I like the feel of my sore muscles after a workout at the gym indicating that I am fit, strong and healthy. I love that content feeling after a telephone conversation with my mum or my sister on the other side of the world confirming that they are okay.

Grandmother’s cranberry pie. Miss C calling me Nana.

Ian’s aftershave. Autumn bonfires. Friend’s really emotional reaction after seeing my blog for the first time. Reading Wind in the Willows aloud to myself. Having friends over for a meal which I cooked myself.

Smell of candle wax and incenses in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Listening to the noise of the train while being on that train – tata-tata, tata-tata, tata-tata… Stillness of nature after the first snow (although I have not experienced that for 14 years!).

Everything Chopin. French music, poetry, cooking, language, well, actually, just about everything French. Fawlty Towers. Yoga. Everything Audrey Hepburn. Family traditions. Boiled egg with sourdough bread for breakfast. 1920s era. Beautiful shoes.

The list goes on.

But the things in my life that make me most happy are knowing that my family and friends are healthy, happy and at ease. Life is good!