Wednesday, 1 January 2014

10 signs that the New Year has arrived

  • You can't say what day it is without some serious thinking first
  • You walk to the fridge every half hour to check what other leftover food is still there
  • You come to conclusion that you don't really like salad with confetti in it
  • You acquire a new taste for flat tepid leftover champagne for breakfast
  • You make your New Year Resolutions list which looks like:
  1. Eat less
  2. Drink less
  3. Exercise more
  • You can't listen to any more festive music, it literally makes you sick
  • You realise that you forgot to say Happy New Year to your parents
  • You check your Facebook page and find out that since the Party Season started you acquired 84 new friends whose faces look totally unfamiliar to you
  • You check your party dress and are horrified of the likely cost of drycleaning
  • You make a decision that the next NY celebration is going to be much more stylish and sophisticated
To all my friends and family from New Zealand to Alaska - Happy New Year! I wish that 2014 brings everlasting glow of happiness, merriment and good fortune!