Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Week One of January Challenge

Week 1, 7 photos and 7 stories

Five minutes to a New Year and the usual feeling of fear mixed with excitement overwhelmed her. Is her dress going to turn into rags and her coach into a pumpkin? Is it the end or the beginning? The clock struck midnight. Nothing noticeably changed. Time to celebrate the dawn of 2014!
Mediocrity has been a scary word in her vocabulary since she was a little girl. She always wanted to have an awesome life filled with amazing things and remarkable experiences. One day she realized that miracles don’t happen and made a resolution to deliberately start bringing the incredible into her life!


What’s your favourite pastime? Being artistic. Where do you find inspiration for your creativity? It’s everywhere – in nature, music, books, paintings, conversations with friends, travels, even emotions. When are you most inspired? When I am happy. Do you ever suffer lack of imagination? That, you should really ask my husband!
Relax is not something I do easily. My mind is in overdrive mode at all times – planning, imagining, organising, worrying or just plain thinking. The same thing happens to my body – things to do, places to go, people to see. In my world relaxing is a synonym of lazy, really.
Organised was her middle name. Her best friends were calendars, lists and planners. An organised world around her always gave her comfort and reassurance that everything was going to be okay. When things did not go according to plan she panicked and made even more comprehensive lists, detailed plans and meticulous schedules.
Posters stating “If anyone doesn’t want to work, they shouldn’t eat”, signed by Lenin, hung in every Soviet workplace. This warning could even be found in the Soviet Constitution: Work in the USSR is a duty for every able-bodied citizen. Recently I discovered the leader of the world proletariat borrowed the phrase from the Bible.
They have been together for 16 years. Russians would say, “they went through water, fire and copper pipes”. They had good times and really blissful periods, they had colossal fights and trivial disagreements. But they always swam in the same direction and liked the same brand of Vodka. 

Week 2 photos and stories to follow soon.