Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Week Two of January Challenge

I am continuing my January Photo-A-Day Challenge, where every day I take a themed photo and I also write a 50-word story to practice my writing skills.  I would like to clarify that my stories are not descriptions of photos, but rather inspirations taken from those pictures.

Week 2, 7 photos and 7 stories

He started feeling unwell in the shower. Nauseated, dizzy and saturated with cold sweat, he pulled himself out and dragged his listless body to bed. After taking one look at him, she instinctively knew it was his heart. After calling 000 she gave him an aspirin and water. Ambulance was on the way.


Fall in love with yourself! Forget “shoulds” and “have tos”, just be! Stop serving others for a moment, put yourself first for a change! Be your own best friend, turn off the world around you and silence your inner voices! Let go and celebrate your true self and uniqueness! 

Tatiana had a very ordinary childhood. Her father was a Communist Party organiser at a state gold factory, her mother was a primary school teacher. She went to a common school, learned to play a piano, speak English and play basketball. Like million other soviet children of the 70s and 80s.

In summer breakfast was usually served on the veranda facing an old orchard of misshapen and inexplicably mysterious cherry trees. The overpowering perfume of cherry blossom penetrated every molecule of your body and stayed with you all summer long as a reminder of those sweet languid mornings when everyone seemed at one with nature.
Blue was unquestionably one of her Nana’s favourite colours. She particularly loved baby blue Forget-Me-Nots in the forest at the start of June as they signaled the beginning of summer. To her, blue colour symbolised healing, peace, spirituality but also some inexplicable melancholy which is known only to highly emotional creatures.

Three things
2014 is my year to stick to three things: Move, because I am addicted to exercising; Nourish, because I am a hopeless gourmand; Believe, because if you believe that you can, you’re halfway there (according to Theodore Roosevelt). Three things I currently can’t live without: my ipad, my diary and my journal.


I saw the reflection of myself in the mirror and all of a sudden I realised that I have my mother’s expression. Not the individual face features, but that overall appearance which comprises certain grimaces and gesticulations, a particular curve of mouth corners during a conversation. I am turning into my mother!

To be continued...