Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Week Five of January Challenge

Hooray!!! I am completing my January Photo-A-Day Challenge this week!!! I only have 3 photos to show you today!!!
I have to admit, I was a little bit slack last month.  But hey, most people take holidays in January - summer in full swing, beach calling, 2 Christmases,  3 New Year celebrations (Catholic, Orthodox and Lunar) and plans in the making for 2014! I was not exactly lying on the couch doing nothing!

Now February has come and I am back in business, full of enthusiasm and exciting ideas! I shared some of them in my previous posts, but in short, the current year is about:
  • Learning more about blogging and making my blog more attractive for you, my readers.  I've already booked a couple of events to assist me in achieving this goal.  Really looking forward to meeting established bloggers as well as novices like myself, to share knowledge and experience and to have fun!
  • Keeping fit and healthy.  This means gym, cycling and yoga.  For the first time in my life I realised that I love exercising and can't imagine my life without it!  And of course I have to train hard for my 200 km Bike Ride to Conquer Cancer, which is happening in October.  You will be surprised to know that after owning this bike for nearly 10 years, I recently discovered that it has 24 gears!  Probably more than I know what to do with! I also learned this week how to repair a tyre puncture! 
  • Enrolling in some self development courses - I have to seriously think here and decide between taking my French to the next level, having piano lessons or brushing up my writing skills. But then there is also photography.  And I would love to sing in a professional choir.  Charleston classes are also on my mind.  So is creating cooking.  And productive gardening. So many dreams and not enough hours in a day!
  • Being genuinely connected with family and friends  all over the world!  For this I need my blog, my health and fitness, my happiness and enthusiasm and maybe just one extra hour every week! 
As I said, every woman should have a baby - be it a human, canine or a feline kind,  a passion, a hobby, something to cherish, nurture and take pride in!  And enjoy a roller-coaster ride of motherhood!

Till next week,