Hello World!
My name is Inna.  According to Russian bureaucrats I am a Russian citizen living temporarily abroad.  Australian authorities consider me an Australian citizen for tax and voting purposes.  My Australian husband calls me a Russian Princess.  I am also known as a "runaway daughter" amongst my family and friends who I left behind in Russia.
My favourite activities are travelling, cooking, reading and writing, playing piano and singing.
I live in Perth, Western Australia, with my husband Ian.  Other people who I call my Australian family are my stepson Sean, his partner Tania and our precious little granddaughter Miss Charlie (aka Charlie Bear).
I've been playing with an idea of  writing a blog for quite some time, but have not had the guts to start until a few months ago.   My "baby", a beautiful, seven years old dachshund Basil died on 1 June this year.  The grieving process is still going and I think it will be for quite a while.  In the meantime I had a revelation - to help me recover from the loss I need another "baby"!!!  I am not ready to have another puppy yet, so, this Blog seems like a wonderful alternative! Something I can nurture and care for, something I can enjoy and be proud of, something which can potentially give me sleepless nights and maybe even heartache!
So, here I am! Please don't judge me too harshly.  I am sure I will make a few mistakes along the way as all new mothers do!  But one thing I am sure about - I AM GOING TO HAVE FUN!